How dee doo dee

I've been loitering in my corner of blogspace for quite a few years now. 

Lisa is my name but I get called Bobo when I do anything crafty or vintagey. Bobo has never ever been a nickname of mine, neither has Bunty or Finty or anything else remotely 1950's boarding schoolish that might come to mind.

I started making stuff as soon as I could cut and stick things. When I was little I made clothes for my dollies, then I moved on to making clothes from the fabric I designed and printed at art college. Although I still made clothes for myself in my twenties I was busy with lots of other things too.

I've done all sorts of stuff from waitressing at Masonic Lodges to working for the Metropolitan Police. Cleaning toilets and serving food in hospitals to being a Manager at a Fine Art and Antiques PR firm before trying my hand at Advertising as a Production Assistant.
I worked as a Psychiatrists Secretary while I took my post-grad to become an English lecturer.
Then my body clock screamed I want a baby now so I tried my hand at being a full-time mumma.

Moving from Brighton to Norfolk it wasn't long before a second girlie joined the first one. Being a mum gave me time to discover my creative passion again.  I started making my own designs to sell. I thought and thought for an age for just the right name to go by and then Bobo Bun came to me.
Bobo was knitted for my by Great-Aunt Hilda at the request of my beloved Nanny Daisy.  
My first ever handmade and dearly loved friend, Bobo went everywhere with me, bobbing about under my arm. She's nearly as old as me and looking just as worn poor old girl. I've darned her a bit, but I think a spot of patchwork might be needed.

Ever since I've got back to making I've had loads of fun.  

 I've taught myself to knit, crochet, quilt and embroider, alongside learning more and more about dressmaking.

I go giddy when I see yarn, trims, buttons and fabric, especially vintage fabric which is always a one-off delight.

I've worked on commissioned pieces, sold my work at markets and online, set up a creative markeplace for other makers, ran workshops and generally enjoyed making for my family and I.

Funnily enough I've been back teaching again for the past six years as earning money is pretty handy  these days. 

One day I know my dream of having my own space where I can earn my living from doing creative things every day will come true. Dreams make the everyday worthwhile to my mind.

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